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The Bond, with its unique history forged in ice, gas and canals, became the backdrop to the latest show of TV’s biggest Brummy star – Joe Lycett!

Late Night Lycett

Image @joelycett

Joe Lycett’s Channel 4 series Late Night Lycett was the first to broadcast live from Birmingham’s newest creative hub, The Bond. The 5-week series saw a host of celebrity guests including; Katherine Ryan, Alan Carr, Joanna Lumley and, fellow Brummy, Alison Hammond appear on the first series of Joe’s hit TV show. 

Image @joelycett

The Bond on Fazeley Street was acquired by Oval Real Estate in 2018, with it being re-launched earlier this year as the home for Birmingham’s best creative talent. The site was developed into a state-of-the-art home for media businesses – it’s the place to be!

Creating the show in Birmingham has been part of a personal goal for Joe Lycett. He tells The Guardian, “When I was a teenager I got a small pot of funding to make a film and used a bunch of my mates and local people to put it together.

“That tiny opportunity was actually massive for me, to see how stuff works, to experiment and to work to a deadline,” he said.

“It made me believe it is possible to make good things in this city, with the people of this city, which can be popular outside this city. It’s been truly beautiful to see this show come together in the way it has. I can die happy.”

The show employed 27 local trainees, and was just the beginning of large-scale productions in the area!