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The seasons have certainly changed – and now is the time to check your hair care routine, especially for our curly hair crew!

When the temperature and dew points are low, you may feel your curly hair is frizzy, dry, limp and a bit unpredictable. But fear not, you can prevent any further damage to your hair and love your luscious locks with these top tips from Strand & Lock in Digbeth:

1. Be careful when diffusing

The option to fully air dry your hair in the warmth may not be possible now, however drying with a diffuser straight after your shower can mean a loss in definition and frizz. Instead, let it air dry with a leave-in conditioner or curl creme followed by a gel or mousse then finish your roots off with the diffuser (nobody wants to go to bed with wet hair, after all). We love ‘Only Curl’ curl creme, gel and mousse – the mousse can really add volume to your roots!

2. Limit washes where possible

It may be tempting when your hair’s feeling dry to wash it more often, but this can actually strip your hair of its natural oils. Instead, try co-washing or using a sulphate-free shampoo or cleanser to maintain moisture. A moisture treatment once a week can do wonders! We use ‘Jim & Henry’ in-salon, a local brand that smells delicious! 

3. Protect your lovely hair

Cute hats, beanies and scarves aren’t just for keeping warm – they will protect your hair from the harsher elements that make your hair dry and unpredictable. Opt for a silk lined one to keep frizz away. 

4. Don’t forget scalp care!

If the skin on your face is feeling drier this season, no doubt your scalp is feeling the same way! Applying a scalp serum or scrub between your co wash or cleanser will keep your scalp moisturised but not greasy. 

5. And find your perfect hair mask

If you’ve been neglecting hair masks during summer, the long, cosy nights are the perfect time to get these back into your routine. Simply apply in the evening, brush it through your hair, sleep with it in and wash it out in the morning. The tighter the curl, the more moisture you need so don’t be scared to lather up under those silk bonnets at night!

6. Think about your sleep routine

Swap your cotton pillowcase for silk to reduce friction and prevent frizz, and embrace the pineapple style with a silk scrunchie (the 90’s are already making a comeback!) to protect your curls whilst you’re in bed. You’ll definitely sleep well knowing you’ll have amazing winter curls in the morning!

Strand & Lock are your curly hair specialists located in Digbeth, and the talented Birmingham team will work with your hair, no matter the style, colour or cut!

The specialised care and attention will keep your hair looking its very best, even during winter! Plus, the range of products in-store are the perfect addition to your winter curly hair care routine.

Find Strand & Lock on Gibb Street, opposite the Custard Factory reception in Digbeth, Birmingham.