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Digbeth is booming. There are new businesses arriving, existing businesses growing, more and more people selecting the suburb as their home, and creative talent all around. You only have to walk through Gibb St on a Friday afternoon to see the buzz the place has to offer. 

Digbeth has been listed in a number of ‘best places’ guides, with the most recent being “One of the Best Places to Live” by The Times. It got a special mention for bringing “va-va Brum” with “its canals, railway arches and warehouses decorated with extravagance street art.” The Times also said how Digbeth has “bounced back after the pandemic!”

It’s no wonder people love it here. It’s top of the list when it comes to competitive socialising – the latest going-out trend! Venues such as Ball Park, Mama Rouxs, The Floodgate, Roxy, Drop Shot and Golf Fang are amongst the favourites with visitors flocking from all over to get a taste of what Digbeth has to offer. 

Images: The Floodgate, Golf Fang

But it’s not just night-time economy here! The Custard Factory has long been home to a plethora of creative businesses. Digbeth is often referred to as start-up central, with office space, retail and events space being ideal for encouraging and growing creative talent.

It’s also a great place to discover independent shops and businesses. Red Brick Market on Floodgate St is a hub of independent businesses. There’s The Outdoor – quite possibly the coolest off-license you’ll find, and not forgetting the talented barbers, hairdressers and beauty technicians. 

So, with all this in mind, there’s no doubt that Digbeth is THE place to be!